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    I just purchased a chromakey backdrop and background stands which should be here by the end of the week. While searching for info on the internet I came across a video Chroma Key Studio Set Up HD - Video which gives background lighting info. It states that two lights should be used to evenly light the background. I will be using a one light set up, as this is all I have.

    Will one strobe with umbrella (on my subject) be sufficient or do I need more lights? Some here have said 'not' to light the background and this would sure be easier for me. If I must have the background illuminated, would a different type of light work? My only light is an Alien Bee and I can not afford another one, at this time. I could possible afford a Home Depot type work light but, not another strobe. I would never consider mixed light sources ON my subject but, will it work for a backdrop light?

    Any help here would greatly be appreciated.

    - By the way I just asked this under another thread and then decided it would be more appropriate under a thread of it's own. I apologize if I broke any forum protocols.


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