Chukar soaking up the sun rays


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Mar 12, 2010
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Here's another one from the other week, these are somewhat uncommon in the US, but there are quite a few in some of the locations I go shooting at...

Chukar in the sun
Nice shot of the little chukar, he needs a pair of sunglasses.

They are not that uncommon in the western US. I hunt them often above the breaks of the Snake and Columbia rivers here in Washington where they are plentiful....... wore out plenty of boots chasing them across the hillsides, tasty little things marinated in a home made plum sauce I use.
Fantastic shot!!! Really nice!
Thanks guys, yeah these Chukars are mostly in the western US, mainly the Rockies and northwestern areas, but elsewhere they're really not seen.

they were transplanted here, originally from Asia, and the wild population has flourished pretty well...similar to the Himalayan Snowcock, except they are only found in the ruby mountains in eastern NV....I live only a couple hours from the Ruby mountains, someday I'll take a trip out there and try to capture some of them as well..

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