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Jul 17, 2008
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I dont consider myself to be very good with HDR photos but every once in a while i try one...i have mixed feelings on this one....what do you all think? d200 with tokina 11-16mm

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In general, I like it. Even though I like distortion, it may be a bit much here.
Very dramatic. The perspective "distortion" adds a pretty neat effect here -- I really do feel like the church is towering with the dramatic clouds rushing over it. It actually feels a little bit cheesy, the effect is so strong.
It all depends on what you were going for - I think that David said it well.

If it were mine, I would just have to see how it looked with some of the vertical distortion corrected and touch of clean up on the colors. (I just played with it and I think removing some of the color tinge from the clouds really helps)

BUT it does stand on its own now.

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nice work.
i think the distortion works well.
i do think you could bring out some more details on the building for a more dramatic effect.

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