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Mar 10, 2009
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#1 i might have moved in a little closer and focused on her eyes. and #2 seems a little busy/underexposed . This looks like the model has a lot of potential i would suggest work on some compositions and reshoot with her again
yes i agree with danfine.. the 2nd shot i would crop into quite a bit .. perhaps from the end the of the brick wall over?.. woul dhave to play around with it to get it just right..

but the plant pots arent really adding anything to the shot.. and the shadows on the are distracting.. sometimes shadows like these they can create great mood but in this case since the shadows fall onto the pots from the bench at such a common angel it doesnt really add anything to the shot itself..

try cropping into the shot some.. i would clone out the red street light in the background.. unless there is a purpose to seeing that bright red light .. i would just get rid of it.. you eye almost immediately goes right to that red light before it even looks at the girl.

other than that the shot has a lot of potential and the model shows up well.. few minor tweaks with the composition and you'll have yourself a really stellar shot!! the styling on her is great.. love the outfit and accessories. great work so far!

PM me if you have any questions.. theres a few simple things you can do in post to really make the subject POP out of the photo
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