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Jun 2, 2013
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This is my very first night exposure and i bracketed the exposures by 30 sec increments. 5 shots in total and kinda did a HDR thing in photomatrix so the clock face and the lighted aspects were not totally blown out.

The shot is on a river and had some nice reflections but in the end i decided to cut them out to get a closer look at city hall.

I dont think its too bad for a SLR noob :)

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Very nice HDR. I just started shooting some night HDR myself. The only thing is see is the tower maybe leaning to the right just a hair. I'm on my iPhone and I expanded to to measure the tower, it looks lined up, but at full frame, it appears leaning.
Thanks for the comment and damn i though i got it straight. ill have to tweek my image.

I noticed after doing a few exposures i was getting a few hot pixels i had to edit out. is this a comon thing for long exposures.
I see the leaning however i'm wondering if it is just lens distortion. What lens did you shoot this with? I do like the editing though, for most who use photomatix they tend to over process however this looks natural.

Here is my $.02.

1. You must have used a tripod so set your ISO to 100. (when doing long exposures and using a tripod ALWAYS set your ISO to 100) - This will get rid of the noise that you see in your blacks.
2. If you are getting distortion from a kit lens (Most lenses have some distortion however kit lenses will have more) Try taking multiple pictures and merging them as a panorama.
3. Remember the golden hour - This would have been an easier shoot just moments after sunset because of the ambient light still present.

I am only guessing as to how you did this since the data has been stripped from the image.

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