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    would be somebody so kind and recommend for me (ofc based on his/her experience) a cleaning kit for DSLR APS-C camera ?? (I have nikon D7200 and I've never cleaned sensor for myself so I have literally "zero" experience with this and also with related equipment) ..

    I wanted to order on Amazon a Dust Patrol kit but after some investigation I've found a relatively lot of ppl saying that's rubbish and that there are just better brands and kits ..

    also I am even not 100% sure what all should a "proper" kit contain, if I understand that correctly:

    * air blower \w filter
    * extra soft nylon brush that can be charged with blower (please correct me if this is some nonsense)
    * cleaning swabs for my sensor (17mm) + liquid cleaner
    * magnifying glass similar like this

    above items should be fine .. I will ask Santa if he can bring dat for me :)P) so best would be really just some all-in-one kit that I can order on internet (I am EU based) .. (edit: that Santa can order on internet)

    thanks much and regards,


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    A blower is a good start, but I have one of the kits from Photographic Solutions for the stubborn spots.

    Lighted magnifier, swabs and the liquid (just use a drop).

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