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Mar 2, 2018
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St Augustine, FL
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Hi guys,
I just bought a used Fuji XT1 and I love it, but the sensor came to me a little dusty and it's pretty obvious on low aperatures. Plus I love my vintage lenses and they could use a bath as well, but the sensor is my priority. This is my first digital interchangeable lense camera.

I think buying or putting together a decent cleaning kit would be a worthy investment (within reason), but I'm not sure what to go with.

To those who know, would you care to share what works and what doesn't? Are the expensive products really necessary, or if I'm not aiming for absolute perfection could I just get away with a kit with a blower and a few swabs for <$30?

Everything is appreciated,
Thanks for your time :)
VSGO swabs and a liquid cleaner.

Rocket blower - any but the medical of generic syringe ball. It sounds funny, but there is a talcum. It will kill your sensor.

Lenspen for fingerprints removing - any chinese from a well rated seller are ok.
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I have only ever used a blower on a sensor and in 15 years of digital photography, that has been enough. As Jeff says, be careful when changing lenses - switch off the camera first as a live sensor will attract dust as it has a slight static charge - do not leave the open body pointing upwards, in fact don't leave without a lens at all.

New lenses I do not clean - just don't get them dirty in the first place. For old lenses (I collect old cameras and get plenty of old lenses) I use ROR on a micro-fibre cloth to get them clean when I buy them and then do not clean them again.

Keeping kit clean is better then cleaning it.

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