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Aug 6, 2015
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Somehow I got some dust on the inside of my viewfinder. I tried to clean it out but just made it worse. Are there any good detailed videos that can walk me through cleaning it or opening it? Also any tools that I should have/get to make it easier to clean. Right now all I have are microfiber cloths, generic air rocket, and spray cleaner (like for glasses).
Nikon d3300 and it's inside where the sensor is but not on the sensor. It's not showing up on photos
Do some web searches on "cleaning the viewfinder screen of a d-slr". NOTHING that can be seen through the viewfinder of a d-slr will appear in or on the photos that camera makes--but that dust and such may be irritating or mentally aggravating to many people.
1. The focusing screen is the most likely place the dust is, and the dust can be cleared away with a hand blower and/or natural bristle brush. The focusing screen is at the front top of the mirror box.
2. The part of the viewfinder you put your eye up to. But you can usually see that dust and again a hand blower/brush cleans that up.
3. The main mirror. You need to be very careful with the main mirror, but gently blow air across it with the hand blower. For stubborn dust very lightly and gently dust the mirror with a blower brush.
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