Clocktower...C&C Please!


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Jan 14, 2009
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Took this photo this morning. I've got mixed feelings about it so I thought I would see what others think. C&C please!

Yeah that's why I have mixed feelings about it, it's a tricky thing to photograph. Any composition tips?
It's an interesting subject, but it looks like you've just stood in front of it and taken a snapshot..

Try another perspective or composition...

Here is a similar structure....If I had the same blue skies as yours and used a bit of fill flash, this could have been a killer shot..

I think something to give a sense of size. Maybe get down lower, or back further and include a person somewhere in the forground. That often works to give an feeling of size.
I'd really like to get a different angle of it, like maybe getting up higher so I'm on the same level as the clock, but it's about 100ft tall and there's no way I can get up there. As far as different perspective or composition, I'm not sure if there are any other ways to shoot this than from down below looking upwards.
It looks like the building has some more interesting elements besides the clock tower, you could include more of that.... Or maybe a closer in look at the details such as the Masonic symbology or the clock face.........

But, really, if it's just the tower you want, it is done nicely with excellent exposure and that great blue sky background... A crop to just below the date, moving it slightly left and lowering the sky will really bring out the details and eliminate the building clutter below..

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