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Nov 7, 2007
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Ocala, Florida
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Ok here is one. All I did was convert to B&W and Crop no PP done to this one.

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Wow, his skin is RIDICULOUSLY smooth.

I think the skin tone is good, but the eyes are too dark and there's a big black spot in his head.

Fix those and you're golden.
Look at the histogram and you can see that this pic is underexposed.
As others have said the skin is over-processed.
IMO it is badly cropped. There's lots at the top and bottom that is completely blocked up and non-contributory.

Crop off the non-contributory stuff, crop to a standard format and you'll end up with a better look.

His skin is so smooth! Did you edit it like that?
This will sound random, but this picture really reminds me of portraits of black and white old movie stars, haha.
Either you're blurring wayyyyy too much in PP or your DOF is too shallow, because the completely flat shoulder/back area makes it look like a floating head. Besides, he's pre-pubescent...what facial blemishes are there to cover up?
Had the DOF a little shallow just seeing what a 1.8 will do

The front of his head is OOF.
(There is no benefit to post a picture that is 1024 high since most people then must scan to see it. The Forum guidelines suggest a 600 high and 800 wide as a courtesy to others.)


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