Coastal Sunrise


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Jul 11, 2013
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Got up nice and early this morning and went for a long drive to the coast.
The sky was pretty average but I'm still very happy with them.
As I'm still learning any advice would be great!





Tonally, they are all quite nice but the only one which works for me is the second as it has none of the overly distracting elements caused by the extreme wide angle of the lens. bent railing, poles, piers, etc draw the eye first.
I'm a sucker for coastal seascapes.

You have a good exposure time on these- the lines of the surf are very interesting to view. The second image is my favorite as well, although I'm not as bothered by the lens distortion on the others. I can see that it exists, but perhaps I'm more forgiving of it because I'm so partial to the subject material. Much of the distortion could be corrected to a great extent in PP:

I like them all, fourth is probably my favorite. Looks like you were working with some tough light, and coastal photos are challenging.
I like 4 a lot but they all look great. I also like the color differences in the last one. Great group of shots.
I apologize for not been able to afford a TS lens haha. Na I myself am not overly phased by the distortion wide lenses cause. I think it adds a little something in some cases but I suppose the pier legs look a tad silly.
How would you guys PP it out apart from skewing the Image which I think kills to much of the overall Image size and quality?

Yes it is a bunker. There's a few where I went.


If I had to pick one it would be no2, nice shots all round, love the bunker
Thanks heaps guys!
Can't wait to get out and get some more! I'm addicted!!!
Beautiful scenes, love all the set!
My favorite is no 5. I like this perspective and the color of the water with the tree just make everything pop out.
Thanks again guys.
I'd never been there before so I thought I'd wing it which I'm very glad I did!

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