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Jul 8, 2008
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In an earlier thread on here, I was told I could possibly use Cokin filters on my camera. I have a Canon Powershot SX10-IS. I was wondering if anybody knows which kits work for this camera. I'm mainly interested in a polarizer. I don't know much about the filters at all, except that they connect to the tripod mount. How do I tell if the mounts will fit the camera? Can you provide a link, please?
Thanks a lot. :)
that was the link i saw before, but it doesn't explain very well. does that mean that, because my camera is a bridge camera, only "A" style filters will work? Where can I find them for sale?
You only need 'A' series filters for your camera; the only difference between A, P, X, and Z series is size. In fact, there are more available in 'A' than any of the other sizes IIRC. If your camera has threads on the lens mount to accept standard circular filters, than you can use a standard Cokin filter holder, if not, you're stuck with this.
so i could actually use A, P, X, or Z, as long as I stay consistent?

Thanks, guys! :)
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Canon USA says the SX10-IS won't accept filters and they don't make an adapter. Lensmate has one and with it you can attach 58mm accessories.

You'd need a Cokin 58mm adapter ring ("A" or the larger "P" size) plus an "A" or a "P" filter holder. You can the use whichever "A" or "P" size filters you like.

Another option is the Cokin Shoe Digital Filter Holder "A300" which attaches to the camera's tripod thread.

Cokin's site has more info plus a description of the relative merits of the two sizes for you.

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