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    Ok.. Well I got some stuff scanned at a store then also tried out our labs new scanner (true.. just a flatbed but good rez). The problem is the flatbed is not as bright as the commercial scan but I am wondering if this can be balanced out in photoshop. I was able to get just as good of detail scan for the most part but the scan I did just is more.. well blah-ish. Below are the two scans. First is the commercial scan I am trying to duplicate (if possible) and second is my scan. Trying to find out if I can tweak the color/brightness settings in photoshop to bring the second one up to par but I have had little luck myself so figured I would ask to see if I am missing something.

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    Do a colour profile on your scanner to calibrate it. It's like calibrating your monitor but for the input instead of the output.
    Most scanners put a cast on what they scan so you need to compensate.
    Good scanner software usually let's you do it in there - but if not you can do it in PS and set it as a profile.

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