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Discussion in 'Buy and Sell' started by Paul Ron, Sep 9, 2006.

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    A friend wants to sell his color darkroom equipment in NYC either as a whole or in pieces. Pickup is prefered. Contact for more info...

    THis is what he has....

    a Chromega dichroic enlarger C700 with 6x4.5 and 35 mm filmholders, a
    schneider componon 50 mm and a nikor el 75mm, a kindermann ss tank and
    35, 120 reels, a Jobo tank and a home-built water bath and roller for
    it, a home-built temp controller for water baths, heaters for water
    baths, a dip-n-dunk 8 x 10 processing tank set with heaters in the (i
    think) two of the tanks, a really old, might not survive the shipping,
    photomultiplier based color exposure "meter" for judging color
    filtration and exposure time, and some other stuff, which I can't recall
    without looking at it. also have a set of reloadable Leica film
    casettes for the Leica II and III series.

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    I sent your friend an email

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