color film exposure vs B&W film exposure

Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by zeppelin390, Jan 27, 2009.

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    I am thinking about taking a beginning photograpgy class in which they cover the basics of exposure, etc...
    I am mainly interested in B&W photography, but the class is focused on color.
    My question is, is there is difference in learning exposure for color film versus B&W film. Do the same rules apply? Would I take the class and find that I'm not getting the results I want on B&W film?

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    exposure is exposure, however, one needs to think in black and white rather than color which creates a different learning curve.

    for example, red, green and blue in color are basically middle tone values, and look fine. with black and white they are very close in tone and the photo will look flat as you need to separate the values, with film this is done with filters at the time the image is taken.

    It is unlikely that these things will be covered in a clas based on color; however, learning the basic of camera use, including exposure is always a good thing. I am sure they will be covering fstops, shutter speeds etc. which will important regardless of the film type.

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