Colors bright in PS/PPS then imgage viewers


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Jun 2, 2013
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I was notice today will editing some pictures when i am in PhotoShop CS6 or Perfect Photo Suit 7 the colors are much more vibrant then when i open the same picture is other programs like windows photo viewer / infranview or photo mechanic. Same computer/monitor/lighting situation when, the variables were constant when noticing this.

Could anyone offer up an explanation for this issue,
Many applications do not manage colors by reading the embedded color profile.
Convert images to sRGB and export for viewing.
The conversion will merge all layers so have saved copy with original layers.
Thanks for your reply, i already do this so im still not sure what the issue is.
Thanks for your help when you mentioned color space i did some investigating, im still learning.

Maybe this video will help someone else later on as it helped me with this issue.

Thanks for your help and putting me on the right track.

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Just sharing for the adobe RGB vs sRGB not his comment on metering
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$capture 000001033.jpg

here is the same image saved side by side in adobe rgb, yes i know its has massive contrast and saturation but its for a desktop theme and its what made me notice the difference.
There's only two things which would account for the difference:
1) Image profile issues, i.e. an image with the wrong profile embedded, or an image with a profile other than sRGB viewed in a viewer which doesn't understand colour management.
2) Monitor profile issues, i.e. the wrong colour space assigned to the monitor in windows, or the right colour space and a non sRGB monitor, where some viewers don't understand monitor profiles.

If the colours look *right* in photoshop then look dull elsewhere, it's usually the former problem.
If the colours look *right* in photoshop then look bright elsewhere, it's usually the latter problem.
If the colours look *right* elsewhere but look wrong in photoshop it's also usually the latter problem.

If you want help narrowing it down tell us:

1) the model of your monitor
2) what "Monitor RGB" says if you click edit -> colour settings and then select the RGB drop down list. (Don't actually select that profile though, just tell us what it says).

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