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Aug 2, 2011
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**Sorry for the double post - posted in the wrong section in error**

Hi Everyone,

Not sure if it's time for a change with my process, but I'm having some issues when it comes to importing my photos, and then proceeding to complete additional edits through PS.

I currently use LR3 and CS5. I import through lightroom (shooting RAW). I adjust sliders through there - as I understand LR/PS both use ACR. Once I am happy with the look, I export to PS to complete any touch ups. I find the patch tool/cloning (as examples) a little easier with PS.

Where I'm running into issues is as follows - if I export from LR after completing initial edits, but without using PS, the finished product looks as I intended. If I have a print done (small or an enlargement), the colour is true to what I am expecting. If I export, and then open in PS, and finalize edits like I've mentioned above, when I save (saved as a jpg file) the colour becomes flatter, less saturated, washed out, etc.

I've looked up tutorials, and realized I may have had issues aligned the colour profiles - so I have adjusted all to ProPhotoRGB. I selected this as I do like to print a lot of my photos.

Is there something I'm doing wrong here? Am I creating more work for myself? Should I stick with LR, and figure out how to clone and patch there?

I'd really appreciate any advice!
The clone tool sucks in lightroom. I too do basic edits in lr then move to cs5 but I'm just beginning to understand cs5. The clone tool is so so so much better in cs5.
**Sorry for the double post - posted in the wrong section in error**
Rather than start a new one, next time (just don't do it ;) ) just ask a mod/admin to move it for you. :)
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