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Coming to and end!


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Oct 23, 2007
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Windsor, Ont
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Hi Everyone was playing with a pic that i shot a few weeks back and this is what i came up with. Feel free to c&c as thats how we learn. Oh and as far as spring coming mother nature changed her mind and it got really cold again damn!

cool shot!!
i think it might have been even cooler if the focus was on the water drop itself...
Thanks janetm100 i also agree but that was the best i came up with and now the snow's all gone. Ill try again next year.
i know what you mean. it is still a pretty cool shot and i really like the title. very fitting..
I have this same problem all the time. My housemates think I'm crazy, standing with a door wide open and a tripod in the doorway, adjusting my focus ring just a tiny bit....

Very nice. I like the postprocessing.

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