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Oct 28, 2012
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My blog consists mainly of black and white photographs thus i post it in this category. I would very like to know your opinions about my work.
Common Babbler
thanks for your time :)
Hi Tomasz.
It is a bit overwhelming, too many pictures. Pick one or max two and post here so we can take it apart. I was always thinking, that the idea of a blog is to show some of you thinking but it is hard to see any leading though in the collection of photographs you present over there. From what I see you are quite trigger-happy kind of fellow, wonder, how long are you looking at the world thru the viewfinder of your camera.
i've been taking a deeper interest in photography for abut two years now. And you are right there is no specific path im taking in photography that can be seen on my blog i post whatever comes out right in my opinion. Its hard for me to choose one photo because all of them have something that i like, but ill post this recent one.
I see some possibilities here, but I don't think it's quite 'there'. First off, the perspective is a little skewed, probably because your camera was quite level and square with the scene; if you can access to Photoshop CS3 or newer, the distortion filter can help correct that. As well, it's a bit over-exposed; I don't see any pure white, and I suspect that the background building is supposed to be white. Lastly, I'd crop just a bit of the foreground away, just enough so that we don't see that ridged track beside the fence shadow end.

If this is the type of photography that you really enjoy, I would strongly recommend the purchase of a good incident-capable light meter such as the Sekonic L-358 (there are lots of others, many less expensive models as well). Also, when composing, concentrate on keeping everything straight and level; use the grid lines in your viewfinder to align the verticals & horizontals in the scene.
I looked at the first page, and I see snapshots, but no "art". Now that you have the basics of photography down, you can concentrate on making something special.
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This scene has indeed very intricate interplay of strait lines and the circles of wheels as opposite to it. As much as I like to skew the perspective, skewing not always works visually and here I think it is an accident. I am not "digital" guy, but I heard it is easy to remedy in PS. Contrast and cropping I agree with Tirediron. I would say even, that this scene would benefit from more dramatic light, but then again I like dramatic light, in my opinion it brings soul to the picture, sort of intensity. As this picture stands now it is a snapshot, interesting one, you had good vision on this one, yet potential was not fully taken advantage of.
What gear do you have ?
Im using the lowest nikon entry level DLSR the nikon d3000 mainly with my 50mm 1.4 nikkor lens though i have a tamron 17-50 always with me. I also have access to a sigma makro and wide lens which i don't use because i don't like makro and since i got the tamron i don't need that wide. Im considering getting a full frame DLSR but im having a problem with the money (i'm only 17), another purchase i'm planning is a wireless flash trigger so i can start to play around with artificial lighting. i also carry around a tripod with me at all times.
Your gear is good enough for now, don't rush with FF camera, as for bigger sensor it doesn't have any real advantage over what you have. I bet you, you don't print 150cm x 120cm, you don't print at all. Direct your attention rather towards knowledge, read books about photography, about technology you are using, about art in general, study others. That will let you create own look at the surrounding you world and that will translate into better photography.
Unless is your goal to do commercial photography then I would suggest a good school, but, there will be books to. :)
So just wondering about with a camera and getting creative is not enough ? Should i read books about photography techniques or should i study the work of over photographers ? And if could you recommend me some books to start with ?And back to the gear, do you think that a tilt-shift lens is worth getting? So much questions :D
I like the shot above, i wouldn't get T/S lens unless you are only shooting architecture, i would go wider, i shoot these kind of shots with a 28mm but with a film Leica
Books in my collection that get the juices flowing are Don McCullin In England, Elliot Erwitt Personal Best, Denis Thorpe On Home Ground, Don McCullin Shaped By War, HCB The man The Image The world

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