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COMPLETE Etr zenza bronica parts TRADE OFFER


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Jan 27, 2021
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Hello. Been collecting these parts. Was fortunate enough to purchase a complete unit.

This is a very clean body. Possibly a bit of dust on mirror, I'm not attempting to clean. The 75mm lens looks clean. The prism finder looks good. Also has a nice functioning grip/winder . will need a focusing screen about a half dozen on fleabay right now. Also will need a film back. I have an extra 120 back coming for my baronica could possibly be on the deal if you have the right trade. Oh and in putting new battery in tomorrow. Battery compartement spotless no battery. . any way do some tlc and this should be a decent camera. In valuing it it conservative $200. In trade w/out the film back. I'd be interested in a digital of some kind. Possibly a 35mm/ or diff 120 format camera. I already have nikon em and a point and shoot 12.1 MP canon. Kinda let u know what I already have. . and lastly hopefully I haven't broken any. Fs/trade rules located in s.w. u.s.a. will ship to cont.usa s
Ok I think I will keep this camera. The 120 film back cane in. The only thing I need is a focusing screen. And this baby will be taking pics.... So ill change the ad to complete....

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