Composited shot - dream theme


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Sep 7, 2010
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0 - Eric Chiarito

Wasnt sure about this photo.. didnt get the photos i REALLY wanted at the time.. i was an after thought to make the shot this dream sequence type idea.

rule of thumb for those who enjoy compositing shots as i do.. you'll save yourself A LOT of frustrations and time if you just get the shots right the first time ;)

kinda wish the curtains were moving around.. and there were more props in the shot..

you were an afterthought??? that's a shame...

I should start with some compositing...any tips on how to start...

I do have a small piece of bright green fabric...maybe I can start with small stuff...
i .. it .. both are most likely the same in this context =P

best tip i can give is.. is make sure the light sources on the photos you are compositing are the same or very very similar..

being able to control the lights makes life way easier..

have an idea before you start and have patience in post..
Thanks man...I've got this idea of putting my guitars in front of pictures of exotic places...that's a good tip about the lighting...if you don't mind, I'll keep up with you and have some lighting questions in the future...if you stick around TPF that is...
haha for the most part yes.. theres not many users so yah... my wife is a model and my brother dabbles in photography as well :p

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