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Nov 21, 2008
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well aside form the subject being completely OOF lol how would you say the composition of this photo is?

1/200 5.6 ISO800
How would you say it is?

And why ISO800 in that lighting and a wide open aperture?
i thought its decent, but i didnt know if i shoulda done somethin else.

i dunno. i have a really slow lens
We can all tell you what we think about it, but it would be good for you to explain what it is you like/dislike about it. What do you think makes it a stronger photo, and what makes it weak? Even if you don't know compositional terms, it's very good practice to critically analyze your own shots to know how to take a better next shot.
well i mean i used the rule of thirds on the subject, and the leaves on the left hide the left side of the tree. i mean i think its good composition, but i dont know if it is in yalls eyes
Well, assuming the squirrel was in focus, the DOF with the leaves in the front would lead the eye to the subject, but the tree is still in focus too which the texture and dominance of size distracts the eye. The placement of the squirrel in the frame isn't too bad, but you could've pushed him more to the corner. Reason being, the psychic line created from the direction of his head/eyes, makes your eyes follow to see what he's looking at, and there is nothing there. You also have a lot of texture and patterns going on with the leaves, the tree and the background. Ideally, the DOF would leave the background a bit more calm to help draw attention to the subject more, not as contrasted as it is above his head. Lastly, your color balance is dominated by green and greyish tones. You should frame your shot to incorporate more colors or balance the colors you have better. They just don't sit well in this shot. I don't feel this is very good composition because you have so many elements distracting the viewer from the actual subject which is the primary goal of good composition.

Anyways, that's my take on it. Many may disagree but I hope this provides you with some insight.
thank you, thats an answer i was looking for

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