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    This is my first post on this forum. I am an armature photographer.
    I have couple of questions related to composition of a image and the focus handling.

    I have a 50D and it has 9 focusing points. Each time when i am taking a picture i consider the rule of third and golden section rule about composition. But practically in some situations I cant achieve the rule of third or the golden section rule since the camera's auto focusing points are not aligned to a grid. (50D it is looks like a -==- rather a grid. I wonder why they dont arrange it as a grid anyway ?? ) So sometimes you cant get a frame where you have a auto focusing point in a golden section (on top of a line intersection on the grid).

    Lets say you have a beautiful tree on the ground, you want to get a better frame so you can compose the image more correctly, so you apply the rule of third and keep the horizon 1/3 of the image. also you apply the golden section rule so you place the tree in a one line intersection. but unfortunately there wont be any auto focusing point available at that point, to focus on the tree. So the only option left is to go to manual focus mode. But if you want some objects to be focused in and some to be focused out this will not work. Am i missing something here ???

    Anyway some one advised me to get the focus first and the consider the frame later. But this prevent of utilizing more than one focusing points. Is this method correct ? What should I do to get the correct composition while getting the correct focus ?? Please help ......

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    Using the focal points, focus in on the part of the tree you want to be in focus by pressing the shutter halfway down, and then recompose your picture the way you want it. If you want to focus in on a particular part, you can set your camera to use a specific auto focus point.

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