Concert Photography - Critique Please!


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Aug 7, 2013
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In the realm of rock journalism I'm primarily a writer, although lately I've been shooting to accentuate my reviews and articles. I write for OnStage - Music news, concert photos and discussion, and I am a lot more confident in my writing than in my photographic skills. I could use some critique. In the past few weeks I've shot a number of bands. Here is (top to bottom) Peter Frampton, Chris Isaak, and Colin Cripps (Canadian guitarist). For these shots I used a Canon 60D and 18-135mm.

Thanks in advance!

$Peter 2.jpg


Wow, that Peter Frampton one looks amazing. It's a keeper. You also captured emotion in each one. Love it.
I don't really know anything about concert photography, but these shots look nice to me, good exposure, nice tight framing around the subject, subjects are nicely in focus and you caught them in very natural looking poses/facial expressions. Looks good to me sir, and as a guitarist I love that SG with the bigsby in the bottom pic...mmmm-mmmm what an axe :mrgreen:, I must pick one of those up one day.
Thanks a million for the encouragement!

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