Famous people from your town?

Washington State.

Bing Crosby-Singer and actor; born in Tacoma.

Jimi Hendrix-Rock & roll guitarist; born in Seattle.

Bill Gates-Chairman and Chief Software Architect of Microsoft Corporation; born; grew up in Seattle.

Kenny Loggins-Singer, songwriter; born in Everett.

Audrey Wurdemann-Pulitzer prize winning poet for Bright Ambush.

Hilary S****-Oscar winning actress; born in Bellingham.

Fred Couples-Professional golfer; born in Seattle.

Adam West-Actor who played the original Batman; born in Walla Walla.

William Boeing-Aircraft manufacturer who founded the Boeing Aircraft company; lived in Seattle.

Bob Barker-Host of the popular television show The Price is Right; born in Darrington.

Kurt Cobain-Grunge rock icon, guitarist/vocalists/song writer of Nirvana; born in Hoquiam.

Phil Mahre Skier-3-time World Cup overall champ
(1981-83); finished 1-2 with twin brother Steve in 1984 Olympic slalom; lives in Yakima.

Francis Scobee-Astronaut; born in Cle Elum.
famous people from Liverpool

Clive Barker - (horro Writer, think he wrote Hell Raiser)
The Beatles
Tom Baker - (Dr Who and voice of Little Briton)
Kim Cattrell - (Sex and the City actress)
Craig Charles - (Lister in Red Dwarf)
Jennifer Ellison - :)drool: Actress/singer/model :drool: )
Billy Fury - (Singer from the sixties or something)
Anne Robinson - (Old Hag from the Weakest Link)
Peter Sissons - (News Reader)
Hiedi Range - (SugarBabe :drool: )

...Oh yes, and Keith Chegwin... sorry
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Daniel said:
Nick Park - Creator of Wallace and Gromit

Sir Ian McKellen - Gandalf among other roles

Nick Park was born in Preston and Ian McKellen was born in Burnley. I'm assuming you're from Salford right?
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Hmmm, Chelmsford - Essex.

Sarah Cracknell - singer from Saint Etienne
Harry Judd - one of them lot from McFly
Anne Knight - a social reformer noted as a pioneer of feminism
Penny Lancaster - Rod Stewart's bit of stuff

and a few others I've never heard of.

Had a look too for famous people from Malta (the other half of where I come from) - I found...

... absolutely nothing. Although I know the snooker player, Tony Drago is Maltese and the lead singer of Texas - Sharleen Spiteri's parents are Maltese. That's pretty much it. Hmmm.
William Faulkner...who personally hated almost everything about Oxford, MS... especially the towns folks. I am a member of the "Peoples front of townsfolk who think like William Faulkner about the rest of the Oxford Population" better know as the PFTWTLWFAROP.

John Grisham claims to be from Oxford, but he just owns property here and lets all of his celebrity friends stay there as a retreat.

Mark Twain lived in Buffalo as a part-owner and managing editor of The Buffalo Express from 1869 to 1871. While not technically a Buffalonian, he's remembered by his readers for his time in Buffalo due to his stories "A Day at Niagara Falls" and "The Diaries of Adam and Eve", the latter being a humorous play on the nearby town of Eden.

Rick James
Ani DiFranco
"American Idol" finalist and recording artist Jon Stevens,
The Goo Goo Dolls (colloquially known as "The Goos") - I knew these guys
10,000 Maniacs (Natalie Merchant is from nearby Jamestown). - I wear an "I love Nataile" pin.
Spyro Gyra started here and included many natives in its original lineup.

Lucille Ball hailed from nearby Jamestown
Howdy Doody host Buffalo Bob Smith
Jesse L. Martin, currently starring in TV's Law & Order,
Terry Gross and Ira Flatow
Millard Filmore was a long-term resident of Buffalo and he is buried there
Grover Cleveland was another long-term resident and mayor of Buffalo
Jack Kemp
John Roberts, the Chief Justice of the United States
Iroquois leader Red Jacket, Wells Fargo founder William G. Fargo and Wilson Greatbatch, Inventor of the Pacemaker
Fran Striker, the creator of the radio series "The Lone Ranger",
William G. Fargo, mayor of Buffalo in 1862-63 and 1864-65, and Henry Wells, first founded American Express
Herman Hollerith, who lent his name to the IBM punch card was born here
John Neumann, America's first saint

Tim Horton - later started restaurant chain - Coffee Coffee Coffee!

Gilbert Perreault

Rzeszów in Poland is a sister city of Buffalo.
Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal is headquartered near here.
Attica State Prison, near Buffalo, houses Mark David Chapman, John Lennon's assasin
after seeing this thread, i got curious so i did a little looking to see what i could find out about the area (triple cities-broome county NY) im from. after a quick search at wikipedia, this is what i found. it isnt just famous people, but some interesting things i never knew before too.

Binghamton was nicknamed the “Parlor City” for its neat streets and attractive homes, including many stately mansions. Now, ironically, many of those stately mansions are now “funeral parlors” (i.e., funeral homes.) During the late 1800s and early 1900s, many immigrants moved to the area, finding an abundance of jobs, leading them to call it the “Valley of Opportunity.”
Binghamton (actually Endicott) is noted as being the birthplace of both IBM and the Link flight simulator. Until the Cold War ended, the area never experienced an economic downfall, due in part to the generosity of employers (IBM and Endicott-Johnson) and also because of its defense-heavy industries. This concentration of the defense industry made the area the seventh most likely area in the nation for a nuclear attack during the Cold War, and the population peaked at around 85,000 in 1950.
Binghamton is known as the "Carousel Capital of the World" for its collection of historic carousels located in public parks around the area.

Famous residents
Famous people from Binghamton include Rod Serling (creator of The Twilight Zone)
Johnny Hart (cartoonist of B.C. and The Wizard of Id).
Richard Deacon of The Dick Van Dyke Show also worked as an orderly in City Hospital, now known as Binghamton General Hospital.
Artist Anthony Brunelli known for his photo-realistic landscapes of Broome County.
Binghamton scientist Edwin A. Link invented the Flight Simulator used for pilot training and video interface technology.
Also, soap-opera actor Anthony George was born there.

Endicott is known as the birthplace of computers, because the company that became IBM was established there in 1906.
Endicott also was the former home of the Endicott Johnson Corporation. Until 2006, the PGA TOUR's B.C. Open was played each July at En-Joie Golf Course on the west side of the village. The stop was dropped from the tour in January 2006.
Endicott also is the birthplace of baseball's four-time All-Star, Johnny Logan.
Endicott, along with the surrounding cities, is known as the Carousel capital of the world. This is because George F. Johnson wanted carousels to be free of admission, so he built six of them around the area, and all of them are free of charge.

its amazing the things you can find that you never knew, all with the internet and just a few minutes of looking. it sort of makes me appreciate the town i live in a little more, and makes it seem less boring. :lmao:
In Phoenix, AZ:

Barry Goldwater US politician and photographer
Stevie Nicks R&R singer

In AZ:

Cesar Chavez Social activist
Linda Ronstadt female singer

That's about it. However, we could claim Steven Spielberg as well, despite the fact that he was born somewhere else but attended school and High School here in Phoenix. :lol:
Big Mike said:
Tommy Chong - Born May 24, 1938 in Edmonton, Alberta.
Michael J. Fox - Born June 9, 1961 in Edmonton, Alberta.
Leslie Nielson - Born February 11, 1926 in Edmonton, Alberta.
JILL HENNESSY - November 25, 1969 in Edmonton, Alberta

Plenty of NHL hockey players...
Mark Messier, Jerome Iginla, Grant Fuhr...and many more.

Michael J Fox and Leslie Neilson are from Edmonton??:confused::mrgreen:

And technically, Mark Messier and Jerome Iginla are from St. Ablert (where i live) :p Jerome Iginla still lives in St. Albert in our river valley.
My Town is famous for:

Ron Kovic,
Baldwin Brothers,
Bobby Slayton,
Mark Lamonica,
Steve Gutenberg,
Stuttering John,
Jonathan Wright,
Brian Kilmeade,
Peggy Noonan,
Dee Snider,
Brian Setzer, and the rest of the members of the Stray Cats,
and Jerry Seinfeld

Some infamous people:
Carlo Gambino,
Roy DeMeo,
Jessica Hahn,
and Joey Buttafuoco.

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