Conflict at the suet basket


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Jan 3, 2019
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Corozal, Belize
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The Red-bellied woodpecker shoving a Bluebird away..

000_8180 - Copy.JPG

A Goldfinch and a Bluebird taking exception to the Downy woodpecker showing up..

000_8101 - Copy.JPG

And they continue to show their displeasure..

000_8099 - Copy.JPG
Wow! Wonderful set! How did you get those? Looks like a flash. Were you in a blind?


These are actually shot through the same window as others I have posted in the past, I forgot to mention that part in my original post.

I've never measured the distance before (now I gots to know!) but I'm guessing between 10 and 15 yards. I used my D4 and Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 with a TC-17E 1.7x tele-converter so 340mm plus they are cropped.

The lighting is my taking advantage of what occurs naturally. There are times during the day when the feeder gets direct sun. In the afternoons, like in these shots, the trees and yard next door that make up the background all get mixed light. It has made for some very nice shots over the years.

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