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Jan 7, 2010
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York PA
I want to have an picture done in a gallery wrap. Loaded the picture on mpix but the wrap takes away to much of the picture. So I went into photoshop and added 2 inches all around the picture. Loaded that into mpix and now I dont loose any to the wrap process. Hit add to cart and it says that the resolution is not good enough to print in a 20x30. Not sure what I did wrong. I took it with a 10mp camera and it is jpeg format. Any idea how to fix this?

This is the picture. Thanks for your help.
What is the ppi the image is at??? With a large, fairly continuous tone subject like a flat expanse of sand, the pixel storage space will probably be very,very low--possibly that is what the Mpix software is keying in on. A JPEG of a white wall might be a mere 1.2 megabytes...a JPEG of a mulberry tree might be 9.5 megabytes..at the same PPI and display size.

Can you just up-scale the PPI to 360 per inch and see if it comes back as "okay"? This is a low-detail image...the detail is very subtle...the automatic brain vetting your files is probably being fooled by the way this scene is recorded at low pixel count due to the subject matter's flatness and even tones.
Mpix requires a minimum of 100 PPI (pixels per inch). So, the final size of the image for a gallery wrap must be about 24 x 34 which means the image file must have a pixel resolution of at last 2400 pixels by 3400 pixels to make 100 ppi.
Ok figured it out thanks to the two of you. I had my ppi set at 72. I changed it to 360 and made my canvas size 2400x3400. For some reason the first time I did it I made my canvas 22x32 inches and kept the ppi at 72. Thanks agian. Talk about a brain fart on my part.

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