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Contax 645 w/ 3 lenses and TTL Flash


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Dec 7, 2012
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Listed on Craigslist... I PREFER a local buyer as it's less stressful for everyone. But will consider shipping in the right circumstances...
Contax 645 w/ 3 lenses and TTL Flash

For Sale: My Contax 645 complete kit.

Contax 645 Medium Format film camera with 80mm, 35mm and 140mm lenses and TTL flasg.

The f2.0 80mm kit lens is perfect, w/ 72m skylight filter.

Body is mechanically perfect, but has one small cosmetic defect. First, the paint is inexplicably peeling from the top of the finder, but ironically is flat black under the flat black paint, so you can barely see it.

I have the Contax f3.5 35mm ultra wide lens, in the Contax original foam lens bag. Perfect condition.

I have the Contax f2.8 140mm telephoto lens, in the Contax original foam lens bag. Perfect condition.

I also have the Contax TLA280 TTL flash.

Every part was bought new from either B&H or Adorama circa 1998/1999. The camera was used in my studio for several years before being set aside around 2003. It has been stored unused since.

I have the lens caps, the body caps and the film back caps, most of the books and (I think) most of the original boxes.

I'm asking:

$2900 (ebay esitmate) for the "645 Kit" w/ the 80mm lens.
$700 (ebay estimate) for the 140mm lens.
$900 (ebay estimate) for the 35mm lens.
$80 for the TLA280 flash.

Or, I will sell the complete set for 4000. I am open to well reasoned discussions as to why I have overestimated the value, so if you really want this kit, but reasonably believe it's WORTH less, then convince me. I just want to sell it for a _fair_ price to somone who will _love it and use it_.

I PREFER local NYC pickup as I want you the buyer to know exactly what you are buying and I despise paypal and dealing with long distance sales, and don't really have good pictures of the equipment to offer.

I have a car, so I can also deliver in the greater NYC area (CT, West Chester, NJ, Long Island).

12/5/2013 - PRICE DROPPED TO $3000 for the complete kit. I would like to sell it before Christmas, and this would make a great gift for a film photography buff.


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