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Sep 24, 2008
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What are your thoughts on photography education in the traditional setting? I am trying to decide on a career change at the moment. I have a Broadcast Journalism degree (not working in the field currently) but would like to explore my options in photojournalism. Is it nessecary to go back to school for a full on PJ degree or should I just brush up on my technical skills through workshops and classes here and there? Has the demand for photojournalists decreased as newspapers continue to shut down operations? Any and all opinions needed and wanted. Thanks!

I can't comment on the employment area - however a few things:

1) photography is an art and thus the biggest thing is your porfolio - if you have a rubbish one it won't matter how many degrees you have, if you can't perform you won't get the job.

2) saying that however bits of paper can open doors - it can get you that interview - get the employer to look beyond your application form to your works and that is what you need.

3) education is a great way to get a structured learning environment - but self motivation is the important point - if you lack that then you won't get anywhere with any course
I'm currently taking classes at a local university and I like it.

My two teachers are both professionals. One with 30+ years of being a pro, along with using photoshop since 1989. The other has been a pro since 1993. They have a wealth of information.

Its also a great networking tool. Seeing as I see the same 75% of people in each class, I get to know them. We arrange photo sessions outside of class and such. The teacher's as well are great to build a network.

While I'm not the best photographer, I do try hard and love to learn. I approached one of my teachers (who owns his own studio) about being an assistant for a day helping out one of his photographers shooting a wedding. Its a foot in the door :)
oh I forgot about those parts - yes place like uni can give you contacts in the right places - which can always help for the eager student.
Also there is the aspect of working in a group - people tend to try to achive the group level of quality in things when they operate within that group = put yourself with a group of high grade photographers and you will improve a lot quicker than if you were working with a few mates after school and just having a laugh - sure self determination helps, but group work sets you a bar to reach and beat
I worked with a Newspaper for years. We would always hire one or two interns per summer. They needed to be college educated. Either fourth or third year students. Not a lot can be said about who requires what. Some employers look at education some do not. Generally your book is your calling card, but even that is debatable when you are starting out. Looking at what the market requires is not going to get you very far, because the market varies. Look at what YOU want in an education. Do your research and find the best option for YOU.

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