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cool shot from yesterday C&C


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Nov 7, 2009
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New York, NY
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Just started editing shots from a photo session yesterday,, will put more up maybe
I like it.. I just dont like the composition. The arm looks like it is someone else's arm :)
I like it.. I just dont like the composition. The arm looks like it is someone else's arm :)

haha ya it does...

I personally dont care for the heavy vignetting that no doubt was done in post.

This is just personal preference though, and other people may like it.

For the most part its pretty descent though. The background could stand to be out of focus more in my opinion, but I am not sure what lens you were using and how fast it was.

Hope this helps.

- Neil
I like it, attention was immediately drawn to her face and eyes.

My eye keeps going to the black box growing out of her head. Shallow DOF would have been better I think.
The photo is edited nicely... I can't get over how weird the arm looks. Overall, nice shot.
The flash is a little hot, and her features are flat. Looks like she is starting to squint at the headlights coming right at her!
Actually in this shot, I didn't use flash. I was experimenting with silver reflector. For this shot, the main light was the hot afternoon sun, and a 48" silver reflector facing up under her, leaning on my legs. This shot originally was unusable because the face was almost white. But some tinkering I lightroom gave a more usable image. Yeah it's not the best composition and the light is too hot, I have a better image using flash I'll put up

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