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Corfield WA 67 Shift Camera


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Apr 6, 2016
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The Corfield WA 67 Shift Camera is a very special medium format camera aimed to capture the beauty of the architectural design. This precise piece not only has a high value of usage but also is of a collectible value since it’s serial number is 005.

K. G. Corfield Ltd was an innovative camera and lens manufacturing company based in Wolverhampton in the UK and the camera itself was designed by Sir Kenneth Corfield, who also was associated with another well-known British company Gandolfi. In the 90s the manufacturer produced only several copies making them hard to come by.

The camera is small, light, and it is a powerful tool in the hands of an architect as well as an architectural photographer. It is equipped with a 47mm F5.6 Schneider Super Angulon fixed lens and with a self-cocking Prontor shutter. Available timing range from 1 to 1/125 sec. There are also settings for T and B. The lens's apertures range from 5.6 to 22. The back side of the camera is a RB 6x7 Mamiya construction and rotates for horizontal and vertical pictures. With a help of a special adapter the digital snap can be attached to the camera’s body. The most important, however, is the front of the camera, which is a metal frame to be exact, made with a PCB objective system that allows vertical movement up and down, so-called “shift”. The rise/fall is approx. 20 mm. The shift is coupled with a viewfinder on the frame which is really rare and it shows a true shift, so in this case there is no need to use the matte field - although it is available in the camera’s set. The vertical shift could be locked with a special lock on the scale at any moment. The scale is a graph of the best aperture for a proper shift.

If there is someone who would like to take a picture (for example) of the Eiffel Tower from a quite short distance without the effect of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, this is the camera for you. Photos taken by beautiful tool lack any sort of distortion and are extremely sharp. I recommend the purchase.
Price: 1800 USD
unfortunately .... maybe another time

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