"Cormorant, you are cleared for takeoff."..."Roger that turtle command."

Austin Greene

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Jan 6, 2012
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Mountain View, California
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Well, I was shooting this cormorant when I realized he was sitting on a log with a bunch of turtles sunbathing. Unfortunately, most of the photos came out horribly IMO because I didn't have enough depth of field. Today just wasn't my day. Then, when he decided to take off my SS wasn't fast enough to keep the photo acceptably crisp, but I figured I would post it anyways just because I find it interesting.

So here he is, mid-takeoff, hope you enjoy it regardless of the technical problems ;)

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it is a cool shot! Too bad you didn't nail it like you wanted to! :) It looks pretty good actually!
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Thanks for the encouraging replies :hug::

You can bet your bottom dollar theres going to be next time! Even if I have to place the bird myself, I'm going to nail this shot or one similar. I just wasn't thinking straight today and ended up shooting half of my shots wide-open.

Damn you headaches! Damn you to photography hell!
Its not all that bad! I like the turtley reflections <3 And the bird looks sharp :D You have a sliding horizon though.
VERY amusing!!! I like the way the turtles are looking upward!
Its not all that bad! I like the turtley reflections <3 And the bird looks sharp :D You have a sliding horizon though.

Thanks Bossy :)

Yeah, I'm not sure if the horizon is tilted because its off, or because this was shot diagonally, with the waterway winding off at 2-o-clock behind them. Either way, it won't happen next time when I nail the shot!
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Yep not a bad shot :) the subjects make up for some of its technical shortcomings. When I read the post title before I opened it the first thing that came to mind was the bird ON the turtle , when I saw the image I giggled :) good capture.
Hope the turtles are enjoying their first flight lesson. :D It is an interesting image.

Very good capture. Yeah, technically it could be better, but it is a rare photographer who can nail something that just "happens". A nature photographer I know told me, when complimented on the gorgeous shots he made, "well, you didn't see the several thousand that didn't work, and the several days I spend getting that one shot where everything came together".
Thanks for all the great feedback everyone, it really motivates me to get out there! I'll head out later this weekend and look for another interesting shot, and this time, nail it!

If you've got any additional comments, I'm more then happy to hear them!

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