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    Following my recent post for "Only Skin" on the set i'm doing for the 5 songs of Ys (Joanna Newsom) i'd like to post this. It's not the way i would like to have done them as it's two exposures and a little PP work (mainly on the eye).



    "dried rose petal, red-brown circles
    framed your eyes and stained your knuckles"..

    "beneath the porch light, we've all been circling
    beat our dust hearts, singe our flour wings
    but in the corner, something is happening!
    wild Cosmia, what have you seen?"

    I think the style fits the other two i have done, "Only Skin" and "Sawdust & Diamonds".. just need to redo one i attempted and think of something for the final one. Proving more difficult than i first anticipated.

    Here's links to the other two i have finished in case you're interested:

    Only Skin

    Sawdust & Diamonds


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