could use some opinions on what to buy :)

what option would you prefer

  • fuji x-pro 1

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  • fuji x100 and "budget" dslr (like nikon D90)

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Mar 14, 2012
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I'm new to the forum so hello everybody :)
I am looking to buy a new camera but there are so many options that I could really use some help.

I had a canon 7D with 15-85, 70-200 and 50mm. My plan was to sell it and buy a 5d mk2 when the prices drop or just second hand because of several reasons:
- i don't use the 7d to it's real potential, i don't need the fast af or fps
- i tend to take very wide pictures, so i would either buy a uwa for the 7D or just go full-frame, which gives me a wider lens because it's not crop anymore
- iq and iso performance is better on the 5d mk2 so I thought it would be better to just invest in FF in stead of investing in an UWA

So I thought I had my mind made up and I was a happy man :)
But then there weren't a lot of 5d's available on craigslist yet and the price didn't drop as much as I expected so I started to think about other options, bad idea :)
At the same time I had to do some research for a decent compact camera for my girlfriend, because she has a really basic 5 year old ixus and she wanted a better compact too.

For the compacts, I first came out on the canon g12 and s100, which she both liked. But then I learned about the fuji x10 and I was blown awau by the design, functions and image quality so
her new compact will be the x10, we're just waiting a little longer to see if the price might drop a little as it still is quite new to the market.

I myself was very intrigued by the fuji x10, but I don't really like taking pictures from the lcd and the viewfinder on the x10 is a little small and weird to me. So then the x100 caught my eye. I've read many reviews and l looked at quite a few video's on youtube and I'm very very impressed and attracted to this camera, though I have read that it has some strange quirks too. The problem is I can't find it anywhere here in a store in Vancouver so it's hard for me to decide anything else on this camera. The fixed lens has his pro's and cons but in general, I think it's quite charming and most of my photography is street / land- and cityscapes so it would quite suite my needs.

Then I learned about the fuji x-pro 1 which is supposed to be available this month and even better then the x100, and with interchangable lenses!
And I started thinking maybe this camera could replace my dslr (though it would take up my whole budget for the body and one lens for now).
After all, the best camera is the one you have with you...

So now I am torn between three options:
- just stick to the plan and buy the canon 5d mk2 with a 24-105 for starters (and add the 17-40 later)
- buy the x-pro 1 as my only camera
- buy the x100 and a more intermediate dslr like the D90 (which I had before the 7D), D7000 or other

At this point, option 1 and option 3 are most likely for me. I think if I would by the x pro, I would miss the dslr too much.

why option 3 and not option 1: because I tend to leave my camera home more often because it's too heavy or impractical to take it with me, so it would be nice to always have a really good camera with me (the x100) and have a good dslr for trips, hikes and all other times it's not a problem to take it with me and also because the x100 looks like sooo much fun :)

why option 1: because of the IQ. It's not as portable as the x100, but maybe I should just put a 35 or 50mm prime on it all times and suck it up and take it with me :)

any opinions or recommendations on what option you would go with? also, recommendations for the "budget" dslr are very welcome if I decide to go with option 3.
the d90 is a very good camera from my experience and can be bought for less then $500 these days so that's why I would opt for that one, though I've read that the D7000 is significantly better in high iso etc, but it costs almost double so I'm not sure it's worth it.

thanks for reading :)
Go to a camera store and try them out and see what opinions the staff have.
wow 124 views, 1 vote and no comments at all?

edit: posted at the same time
Are you truly going to make an expensive purchase based on the popular vote of a somewhat fickle forum?

I just asked about opinions and user experiences which can maybe lead to insights..
isn't a forum supposed to be a place where people discuss things and exchange information?

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