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Could Use Some Tips (Photo Heavy)


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Mar 14, 2009
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South Dakota
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1) This was just a shot I got by chance of my cat while messing around in the backyard.

2) This is a pretty basic picture, but it reminds me of summer.

3) I thought the way that this picture was angled made it good for really low saturation

4) I thought black and white would make the water really stand out


6) This is probably a personal favorite.


All of these were taken with a $300 point and shoot digital, though I now I have a Canon Rebel to expand options as far as aperture and focus.
#1 - There is a lot of noise in the fur of the cat's face and there are blown out areas on the body. I like that you filled the frame with the cat. Focus should be on the eyes...it appears that the focus point was on the grass leaves in front of the cat.

#2 - It's actually better to shoot flowers on overcast days. Bright sunlight is harsh and tends to wash out the colors.

#3 - Images seems to be out of focus or suffering from camera shake.

#4 - The water drops do stand out, but the B&W conversion could use more contrast or lightened up a bit...it's kinda dark.

#5 - B&W conversion on this image is a little strong (too contrasty), but it does get your attention.

#6 - This image seems soft or out of focus. And it's a basic flower shot. Try to shoot flowers from different points of view, makes them more interesting.

#7 - This is what I meant by the previous comment. Could use a little more saturation and maybe a touch more contrast. Maybe crop it in tighter to the flower to get rid of the dead space around it.

1) Is this what you meant by making the eyes stand out? I took a different shot and reverted it back to the original and then edited it differently in an attempt to reduce noise. I think maybe the foreground is distracting and needs to be cropped out.

7) Is this what you mean? Or did I over-saturate it?

Thanks so much for the feedback!
The cat looks a LOT better, but still seems a little washed out.
The cat looks a LOT better, but still seems a little washed out.

I think it may just be the way she is colored, any light might make parts of her appear white or washed out.
7) Is this what you mean? Or did I over-saturate it?
It looks like you either lightened the image or added more contrast. I would have actually darkened it a bit (the image in the first post is overexposed) and then increased the saturation about half as much.

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