Could you guys help me find a Super Zoom?

Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by Trevor Weaver, Apr 11, 2008.

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    I use both the Nikon FM, and FG and can't take advantage of the auto-focus features of the newer AF super zooms, but the newer lenses tend to have better quality than the older full manual super zooms. So I'm looking for a decent all around super zoom lens (around 28-200mm) that I can use in a manual focus setting. I don't care if its an AF lens, so long as it allows me to manually focus. I'm new to photography, and I think I know enough about lenses, but I've only used primes I don't know much about super zooms

    I've been looking at the [FONT=Trebucht MS, Arial, helvetica]Nikkor 28-200mm f/3.5~5.6D IF it seems to fit most of my needs, but I'm going to keep looking.[/FONT]

    I'm looking for
    • 28-200mm focal length(or similar)
    • Allows me to manually focus
    • works on film cameras
    • around $100 USD (because I'm poor)
    • F mount (AI or AIS etc.)
    Thanks in advance! :D


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