Couple from photoshoot w/ new strobes C&C Welcome


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Nov 13, 2008
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In between her...
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With a small room the lights are super bright!

(I wanted to go for this look with the background)


Very nicely done!

Question on the first one. Is that a shadow around her right side, or did you brighten the background and not get in close enough on the mask? I am looking at these on my phone so I'll look again when I'm at a computer but on the phone at least the shadow is giving a halo effect around her right side.

Looks like you are off to a great start with the strobes. Keep it up!

Hey thanks! Its from the mask. I had a strobe behind her pointed at the silver side of the background to give the effect but when I masked, it came out like that. I do have a few versions only this one has the right shadow. I can edit it out. Shouldn't be an issue.
god, she is beautiful but those eye lashes are creepy lol. good job man!
thank you guys! yeah I bought her those eye lashes from Sephora, along with tons more stuff. That first picture got me tons of messages from MM for TF photoshoots! LOL

Thank you all for the great compliments! :)
The lights are super bright so I can't go passed 1/4 on them but here's one against the 92" home theater screen I used with one pointing at the BG to cut out all the reflection

I'm usually not a fan of up-lighting by these turned out really nice. Looks like you may be going a bit heavy on the skin smoothing though.
Ok, well shes a gorgeous model but not fond of halo effect from the mask in #1.
I do like #2 and #3 and see no issues.
I do not dig the eyelashes but thats personal preference.
Overall I think really good.
Thank you all. I just got home so I thought I play w/ the rest of the photos of her. I guess I'll just ask her if she wants to get a MM portfolio. But sometimes when you play w/ stuff an idea just hits you. And here's the result

Nice! You must have gotten some grids with the WL's too, huh?

I like the photo but I think I would have lit it from above so the catch light is in the upper portion of the eye.

Seems like you are catching on quickly to the use of your strobes!

Keep it up! BTW - Beautiful wife you have!


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