Couple of our Cats Exploring the Snow on the Back Deck


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Nov 12, 2011
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Nashville, TN
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yes! Actually with these two boys we got recently (the bigger guys), I think I finally put my finger on it. They're male lions. If you've ever seen male lions they're pretty much like "Yeah, I could kill you with a single swipe of my paw and I'm surrounded by ladies I can mate with pretty much any time I like. Oh and btw, they hunt for me. Isn't that badass? Pass me that zebra. I'm hungry."
Very good analogy! And like lions when they are young all they want to do is play and wrestle with one another. As they get older they start to develop that feline arrogance that only a cat can have. They are just amazing creatures to watch.

heh. Yeah, totally. A good friend of mine got very involved in the local cat rescue league. He's a very practical, intelligent guy and was really enjoying the work and his contribution to both society and catdom... but the crazy "cat ladies" eventually drove him mad and chased him away with all their "aww we godda save da widdly kitties from the big evil man government!!!!!!!!!" and whatnot. Whackos. :lol:

Yeah, it's like that with so many things. People just don't understand realistic limits, they absolutely have to go to extremes. Why bother trying to clean up our one's own little corner of the world when they can try to clean up the whole world. Goals are great things but they have to be tempered by reality to.

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