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Aug 10, 2010
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Just a few recent shots. Let me know what you all think. c&c is very welcome. Thanks.



The third one is interesting. The first two just seem kind of blah and boring. What did you do to get the green light effect in the third one.
With the first one you shoulda either got both glasses in the pic, and/ or the words in the pic, or just the one glass all by itself off of the menu. and the second is way too small with a whole lotta sky, nice looking sky and good color, but itd be nice to see the land. and the 3rd is cool, nice color and was this done? just my begginer opinion, so take it how u want.
#1 - You weren't willing to order a pint? For shame (wimp :lol:).

#2 - While it is a good practice to have the horizon off center, methinks you have taken it too literally.

#3 - Pretty cool, but the black in the background is taking away from the shot IMO. Some distant interest should be employed.

Enjoyed the show. Thanks.
The first is off composition-wise as mentioned. It looks like part of a beer sampler which would have a few more glasses off to the left - wish I were there! I like the composition and color on the other two. The idea of a thin strip of ground/houses at the very bottom of the second is intriguing. I wonder if it would have been better to include the top of the clouds, or if cropping the top a little more would be good.

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