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Couple sunset attempts

Boz Mon

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Apr 2, 2008
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These are my better sunset shots. Basically, after a storm at magic hour is the most awesome time to shoot around here. Let me know what you think.


I have some more shots of both but IMO these are the best. They are also not edited in post in any way other than resizing.
The colors in the second are fabulous for not being editted at all, but I love the sky in the first one. Even though the left hand side is a tad underexposed on my monitor.
I think the left actually is underexposed due to the sun being in the center of the shot and being partially blocked by the trees causing the lighting to not be equal across the board.
I must the agree the sky looks great in the first photo, but the colors in the second look nice. Would've been a little better if there was more water in the first one, nonetheless good stuff for unprocessed work. Perhaps you were using filters?
Nice catches!!
I'd really recommend trying HDR next time you see something like this.
Also using a tripod and whooping up the f-number with a ND filter to lower the shutter speed would smooth the water, making it even more. But that's totally being a photography nerd.
I will try the tripod trick next time. And I wasn't using any filters either. This is exactly what the sky looked like on that night. I was shooting with my D40 with the Tamron 17-50 lens.

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