Couple "weeds" for C&C


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Oct 11, 2008
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Fulton, Missouri
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I have been desperately waiting for spring since I started my photographic venture last fall just when evrything died for the winter, so I took what I could find and did what I could.1. I floated a dandelion on water and placed a drop in the middle that turned out to look like a heart to me.
2. A weed that was growing by my house. I had a bottle I found that is about 1 1/2 inches tall and worked as a vase. The whole thing is about 2 inches tall.
I think they are both great...and that water drop does look like a heart... good job!
I like the first one best but the drop of water does nothing for me.

The second one i wish the whole weed was lit my eyes are drawn to the back dark ones.
Nice job. I agree the water drop looks like a heart. I dont get the point of the drop, ( I hope i dont sound mean) but its a lovely shot.

I agree with Defy that the second flower should have been lit better.
Looks to me like these are out of focus and underexposed. The composition also needs work.
I agree that these seem out of focus and the composition is lacking, yet the second shot I think has some potential. If you were to crop the shot just above the white glare on the shoulder of the bottle, and sharpen the image a bit in photo shop, I think you'd have something.;) It would give you a nice reflective look, as though it were sitting on a table even though its actually the top of a bottle. Maybe someone else here can edit the shot for you to show what I mean - I must confess I have no idea how people edit someone else's photos here :confused:

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