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Apr 8, 2009
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Hello! My name is Amy and I am 20 years old (21 in July!). I have been practicing photography for quite a few years now, but recently I have hit a slump. Main reasons being camera issues, the rest of it is caused from being uninspired.

I haven't taken a photo in over a year (literally) and I feel like there's so much I'm missing and that there are things I need to learn. I would appreciate all types of feedback, good or negative. Anything to kind of bring back some of my old obsession. So here are some photos, more on my flickr account but just so you know, there are some NSFW images up there.

Digital (starting from oldest to most recent):










Film (starting from oldest to most recent):








Thanks for looking!

P.S. - Anyone know if there's a thread on this forum for camera malfunctions? My Minolta's viewfinder is acting up. It's very slim, like two big black bars on the top and bottom are covering up most of the viewfinder.
Too many to CC but your work is overall pretty good. Can't help with the minolta problem but stick at it.

As for inspiration, explore, try new things etc.
For inspiration play FightClub on Sundays (it gives you a reason to shoot!)
Way too many pictures to comment on, but some really interesting shots. I see a lot of creativity and artistry in quite a few of these. A lot better than I could do.

Sometimes I've found slumps come from just trying too hard. Sometimes I've found they come from just thinking too much and too often about the camera. Sometimes you have to kind of sit it on the shelf and not think about it for even a second for a while... sometimes a few months even. It will come back to you.

Whatever you do... don't drop it. You've got plenty of talent.
I agree with the above. You have a TON of talent and a true artists eye. I love the B&W model images.

Sometimes a break is what we need - of course my break lasted for 15 years so don't put it down for too long.

Grab your camera, find a tree to sit under, and see what wanders by, you'll be amazed at how quickly you can get the bug again by just sitting still in the woods.
Thank you everyone for you words of encouragement! I'm going to get my camera fixed as soon as possible now and get back in to it, I really do love it! I guess I just needed someone to remind me that I do! Thanks again :)
Also, I can honestly say that I don't know the first thing when it comes to the technical side of photography, I'm completely self taught in Photoshop and I really only ever shoot in natural lighting, what were some ways that you learned the more technical side? Any tricks that helped you?

Thanks again!
I really like a lot of the pics you posted. You seem to have an eye for good shots.
I know what you mean about being in a slump. I am fairly new to photography, and I mostly take landscape pics, but I have gotten a little bored with just shooting the same stuff every time I go out, so I have been trying cityscapes and wildlife lately.
Switching to other subject matter for a while has gotten me motivated again to get out there and take more pics.:mrgreen:
Switching to other subject matter for a while has gotten me motivated again to get out there and take more pics.:mrgreen:

Good point, or alternatively just try loads of things, experiment etc.

Things I've tried include Street, Macro, Flash work, Large Format, Medium Format, Digital, 35mm ( and the diff formats add to the fun IMO ), Architecture, self portraits. To name a few :)
Switching to other subject matter for a while has gotten me motivated again to get out there and take more pics.:mrgreen:

Thanks! That's good advice, I've been wanting to try new subjects lately but I haven't known where to start. I guess I'll have to check out some photography books!
Which minolta do you have, I've a vague recollection of my old dynax 9000 having some function which allowed you to shoot certain lens to crop to the composition in camera, basically the zoom lens would show the whole scene but with the finished crop centred in the frame, on pressing the shutter the lens automatically zoomed in to the crop then the shutter fired, cant remember if the view blacked out at these points though but it may be a similar function. Try new batteries first too. H

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