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Oct 1, 2008
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outside chicago
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Sorry, but it really doesn't do anything for me. It seems out of focus (at least on my monitor) and just kind of bland. Needs more contrast and something to catch the eye.
I like it, but I think it needs more DOF.
Is it out of focus, or is the subject just fuzzy ? Is it ice?

Kinda interesting in an abstracty sort of way, I guess.
The formal composition is quite good. Upping the contrast so that the lightest shade is just barely less than pure white whilst the darkest is pure black would improve the impact.
It's in focus, but its ice thats half melted so it gives it that soft look. ill bump the contrast and post it again to see what everyone thinks.
I like the first one more.
I think the crop you have now looks good, I wouldn't crop it more.

What aperture did you shoot this at?

I think it could benefit from a little more DOF, everything else is fine.
I dont remember what it was at and i dont have the picture on this computer but i could find out. I do agree it need more DOF, whats funny is this was the last picture i took that day and didnt even really pay that much attention while taking it.
What aperture did you shoot this at?

F16 1/125

I like it for it's abstract properties. But it's kinda hard to tell what I'm looking at.
How do you go about finding that out? I've seen other people pull up the same info on pics that werent theirs.

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