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Jun 27, 2003
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i've had this idea brewing for a couple of weeks and its just starting to happen.. this will be for my personal portfolio.. no one hired me to shoot this

my idea:

a female wearing a wedding dress (full gear, veil, bouquet, the whole nine yards) in the middle of an empty playground and/or basketball court (there is one a few blocks away from me) ... i want to give it a feel of emptiness... i'll shoot it with a wide angle lense from afar and some close up shots ... i've found a make-up artist whose willing to work with me free of charge ... i havent found the model yet, but she wont be too hard to find ...

here's what i got:

i just won the dress on Ebay yesterday, got the veil a week ago ... now all i need is the bouquet (im working on that now) ...

since i bought this wedding dress (how silly is that) :lol: ... i want to get my money's worth and use if for what its worth... some creative ideas with this dress would be helpful... and if its not too damaged in the end .. perhaps i'll donate it to charity :D ... i'd like to hear ur idea with this dress no matter how twisted :p
birds eye shot of someone wearing the dress in a big grey faceless crowd?
lone bride walking down a road hitch-hiking?
large hells angel type bloke wearing it?
bride in a church looking like she's getting married but no one else is there?
dress, garter, tie, shirt and trousers strewn on a hotel floor..

heh heh get someone to wear it, find a real wedding and get a shot of them just as they go up to the real groom and link arms with him, so he has a bride on each side. :)
very interesting ideas ... i think im gonna use a few of those :D

birds eye shot of someone wearing the dress in a big grey faceless crowd ... thats sounds very interesting ...

large hells angel type bloke wearing it ... that would be great to consider, the dress is a size 6-8 ... perhaps i can get a thin male ... with a beard or something (why does hubby come to mind ... why does it scare me that he would do it in a heartbeat :lol: )

dress, garter, tie, shirt and trousers strewn on a hotel floor.. this one sounds interesting and i can almost picture it, but im not sure what the concept would be? .. the direction?
dunno really but you know how most shots like that always lead to a bedroom/the bed/the bathroom... this could lead to an open door to outside.. like they've stripped off, not to get into bed together, but to run about outside together nekkid.. :)
hmmmmm, im having a block with that one.. i'll ponder it for a while and brain storm with my hubby ... if anyone has anything else to add .. please feel free :)

just had a thought, instead of on the floor, im thinking the dress caught up in a tree :lol: ... probably be too hard to get down though :roll:

i think i want to make these "dress scenes" look as displaced as possible

*searching for the model now*
that sounds interesting

*just lost the bouquet on ebay by .50 :cry: *
Did you shoes yet missy? Because she can go barefoot :D

Swing on a shoes..?

Maybe she's willing to jump off that swing and fly into the air?

Is there a hill she can sit on? Looking all lonely and sad ;-;

Do you happen to have a guy in a tux too? (you never know when you'll need one ;))
have her holding hands with a little girl, her daughter?
get a really ghetto background or a apartment entrance to shoot from.
got this idea from shrek- have the bride chowing down on tic tacs or altoids
or in her dress with a stogie
or a blunt.
or about ready to jump off a bridge.
How about on the beach?
In the middle of an empty ice hockey rink?
Or just skating with everyone else? :)
Crying in the corner of a room? (bonus if you have a makeup artist that can make her makeup look really smeared, etc.)
Hailing a cab?
Sitting in a cubicle working on a computer?
Smoking a cigarette?
Smoking a cigar?
Drinking a martini?
Riding a motorcycle?

I'm Micheal, I'm new here. :)
very interesting ideas ... the dress has a full train .... all the way down to the floor and about 3 ft behind her ... u wont be able to see the feet unless the dress is pulled up
-you live in NY right, how about going down to the business dist. and walk down the street with all of the corp. slaves.
-in the rain
-pumping gas
-changing a light
-walking a big dog
-painting a wall
-fishing :wink:
-cutting the grass
-playing in a ROCK BAND :bounce:
-going into a strip club or on the pole :twisted:

lol I don't know 8)

I would like to see more of your work!!

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