Creepy .....isnt it?

Peter K

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Nov 5, 2007
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Belgium - Europe

Here are the details:
This photo is made with a Pentax K100D and Sigma 10-20mm wideangle + circular polarisation-filter.
First, I made a HDR ( 3 pictures, 1EV difference) of the church. Processed the 3 images in Photomatix.
Then, loaded the HDR-photo in Photoshop. Converted in black & white, using the infrared option. I merged the B/W photo with the color-version. Made adjustments: dodge, burn, clone... Then added birds an lightning.... Et voila....the result.;)
yeh this is really cool, creeeepy but overall its interesting work nice one!
I really like it, but I would like it better without the crow in the front...
Great pic. :thumbup:
But I honestly think it would be better if the bird in the front was taken out, and no lightning bolt as well.
Creepy indeed, very nice work. Lightning bolt adds a nice touch, but I have to agree the crow isn't the best.
I don't mind the crow in the adds to the creepy factor. I LOVE this shot. Also, thanks for sharing your workflow. This would be something I would be interested in trying myself.
Wow its a great shot, looks almost cgi.
Nice edit!!!!!!
(Although I agree with not including the crow at the front, but that is a personal opinion)

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