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Jan 14, 2008
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They all seem a bit 'camera shakey' to me. The last isnt as bad, but is still a touch soft. It is hard though when the light is against you ! :(
Well, the first is completely out of focus. There is no doubt about that. It only works at avatar size, but any larger than that and ... oh well. Just no. Though the sunset as such must have been spectacular, colouring the clouds in that manner!

The second is a nice scene, the sunset must have been an absolute SIGHT, but the photo as is is quite uninspiring. Nothing there in its composition to grab the viewer, I'm afraid. To photograph right into the sun is a risky affair and the camera should never be allowed to set itself (automatically) in situations like that. Such photos ask for some good control per part of the photographer.

The close-up on the dog is funny, but the focus is in the wrong place and also lighting is far from perfect, his eyes, which should be the most important part of your photo, are all dark, blurred, and the snout is bright, has the (narrow) focus, and his big, black nose is quite blurred again. But it is funny!
I just dont really like sunset pictures generally, no matter who takes them. They seem a bit cliche and anyone can take that same pic. Nothing against you, just saying try taking pics of something else. ;)

I like the one of the dog. :thumbup: My only complaint is the focus is a bit off to me. I think it should either be focused on its eyes, or nose, not between. Try again with different focal point. :)
magical* so sorry

Yeah, there is something magical about a sunset over the grand canyon. You should have been taking a shot every minute. You might have got a better one than this. I like sunset shots. Every location, time of year and cloud formation give a different result. Do the pros recommend using a filter, and which one, for a shot like this??

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