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Aug 19, 2007
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Hello! The boy has a cute expression and his eyes definietly have some life to them but I find all the red in this photo extremely distracting. His ears are even super red to the point where they appear to be blending in with the background. Did you incrase the saturation or something? Or is this little guy just very very cold?
i think i increase the sat a bit too much and it was very cold -2c
More of a candid shot than a portrait, you have a major visual distraction on the left, picture noise in the background, over saturation, and focus that is too soft. The eyes also need to be brightened to reveal a little of their colour.

it is a candid shot.

thanks for the comments
Bring it in for a closer crop, Crop out all the extra red background. Open up your saturations and drop the red a bit, it will help lessen that red in his ears and cheeks. Maybe sharpen over his face a bit too.
Hes very cute and has a great smile!

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