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Mar 9, 2009
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Hi. Anyone have any suggestion on where and how to crop this picture. C&C about the actual picture would be appreciated too. THX :lol:
My vote is NO CROP, it's fine as it is. I would say next time, to have a faster shutter speed so that the sun isn't so blown out, and you will get less details and more black outlines around the things such as the sign that says 5 South and the lights and such, but that's JMO
The hor. looks off, it looks a bit tilted, so i would say fix that then crop the bit to make it straight. Other then that there is no need for a crop
I like the little bits of color that show up such as the taillights and the stop light. I would personally crop it to get rid of those trees on the right, between them and the sign the right side seems kind of "heavy". Agree with the horizon comments above. JMO
Does my horizon look better?
sorry im very new to photography


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