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Nov 3, 2005
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Hello Everyone,
I have an interesting question for you guys. I have this client who is a male cross-dresser and we're going to be doing a series of sessions where she will be exploring her femininity and I know that some of the shots will be highly sexual. Most will be fine to print wherever I am sure of it, but I am worried that some of them might not be. Can anyone give me some advice on where I should look into for printing the more overtly sexual stuff?
I didn't even think it would be a problem until I was telling my bf about the client and he said that when he was a film major in college one of the labs he sent his reels to refused to work with it because it was too sexual.
I just don't want to get into any trouble here and I want to protect my client's privacy concerns.
Any advise is much appreciated!
I'm not sure how picky pro labs are but maybe calling around and asking might be a good place to start. Shutterbug used to advertise for labs that would do nudes, etc.

Your post is a bit confusing to me. A male cross dresser exploring her femininity?
I'm confused is the person a female who dresses as a man?

Anyway -

If you ask labs about their policy on these things it will clear up and misunderstandings and wasted time. Also you could just show them to them and ask if they will do them.
fredcwdoc said:
Your post is a bit confusing to me. A male cross dresser exploring her femininity?

Yes. :) By birth he is male, but he feels he is more female. I refer to him by his feminine name and in effect call him a she. Gender identity can get pretty confusing sometimes, but I just call him/her by what he/she prefers. And in this, case, he likes to be known as a she.

Thanks for the advice everyone, there is a pretty good professional and artistic lab here in town that I sometimes use. They probably won't have a problem with it if I explain the nature of the photographs first.

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