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    I am experimenting with a Custom Package designer on my website and was wanting some feedback. My website is and the direct link to the designer is I realize it doesn't look pretty yet, but that is not what I am asking about. I want feedback on the usability of it, and whether it will confuse the bride or not. Thanks, Brandon Schilling

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    Only thing I see-

    Second Question

    Which album - budget or art leather (both 10x10)

    Third Question

    Several Options (Two of which are 8x5 x 11)

    Are these two completely seperate albums you are referring to, or one?

    Thats it.. the rest is fine.

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    This is a neat idea. A couple things I noticed.

    On the third question: the word "recommended" has 2 C's - I think it is only supposed to have 1

    On the fourth question: You have offered an album of 4x6 "proods" :)

    You might also want to change the text on the submit button to say something like "update price" - just "submit" made me wonder about if I was about to buy something accidentally :)

    Just small nitpicks that probably would have been caught in final proofreading anyway.

    As for the usability, etc, it's great, and a really great idea. When I was choosing a wedding photog, I really wish some of them had had something like this. Most, of course, had no pricing info whatsoever, so I think this will be really appreciated by your clients.

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